Webinar: Norm Diffusion Beyond the West. Agents and Sources of Leverage

The online seminar titled: Norm Diffusion Beyond the West. Agents and Sources of Leverage will take place on April 24th, 15:30 CEST. It is organized by the Department of International Organizations and Global Security Studies IPS, PAS.

Numerous studies suggest that norm diffusion is a one-way process, in which weaker actors comply with or contest norms promoted by powerful entities, primatily by Western actors. However, during the seminar, the speakers will challenge this idea by exploring the role of regional powers in promoting and shaping global norms in areas such as human rights, democracy and environmental protection, based on the insights from the book Norm Diffusion Beyond the West (Springer 2023). Drawing on case studies from Latin America, Africa and Asia, the contributors examine strategies employed by regional and small powers aimed at promoting norms and the factors that enable or constrain their success. By highlighting the agency of non-Western actors in norm diffusion, the seminar hopes to offer a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of how global norms are created and spread.

Šárka Kolmašová (Metropolitan University Prague)
Laura Trajber Waisbich (University of Oxford)
Dorota Heidrich (Uniwersytet Warszawski)

Anna Grzywacz (ISP PAN)


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