About Us

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Founded in 1990 the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences brings together leading Polish political scientists, historians and sociologists in order to create a unique environment where innovative knowledge and policy expertise is produced. The Institute’s mission is to conduct high-level multidisciplinary research that investigates political and social change at the crossroads between East and West.

In its early days ISPPAN focused predominantly on both theoretical and empirical study of post-communist societies in a comparative perspective as well as on transformation of the political system. This research agenda was set and promoted by the founder and first director of the Institute – Prof. Edmund Wnuk-Lipinski, a leading Polish sociologist and advisor of the Solidarity trade union.

Our studies of the political and socio-economic transformation in Poland are embedded in in-depth historical reflection on the resistance and opposition movements during the II World War and under communism. Joint teams of historians and political scientists study Poland’s relations with Germany on the one hand, and Soviet Union (Russia and Ukraine) on the other, both before and after 1989. Regional outlook on Central and Eastern Europe complements this research agenda.

Political change at the regional and global level is addressed by teams of scholars working on international security, European integration and East Asia. Finally, a political philosophy perspective complements our efforts to explain the ongoing political and social transformations in the XX and XXI century.

The Institute awards doctoral degree in sociology and political science as well as habilitation in political science.