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Webinar – Advocacy and Change in International Organisations

On February 26th (15:00-16:30 CET) the online seminar will take place, titled Advocacy and Change in International Organisations. The event is organized by the Department of International Organizations and Global Security Studies of the Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences.

What is the influence of advocacy when it comes to driving change in international organisations? By unpacking UN peacekeeping as a case study, the seminar delves into three key areas – strategic communication, protection of civilians, and quick impact projects – illustrating how different advocacy strategies lead to adopting and institutionalizing new ideas within organisations. While notable successes are noted, challenges persist with regard to staffing, accountability, and ongoing contestation. The speakers will discuss the importance of understanding various advocacy strategies for achieving lasting change by dissecting the complexities of navigating internal and external pressures within international organisations. The seminar offers valuable insights into the dynamics of international organisations’ evolution and the pivotal role of advocacy therein.

List of participants:

  • Kseniya Oksamytna (City University of London)
  • Eve Marie Desrosiers (University of Ottawa)
  • Moderator:

  • Anna Grzywacz (ISP PAN)
  • Reference – Advocacy and Change in International Organizations. Communication, Protection, and Reconstruction in UN Peacekeeping, by Kseniya Oksamytna (Oxford University Press 2023).

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