Main Research Themes

Founded in 1990 the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences brings together leading Polish political scientists, historians and sociologists in order to create a unique environment where innovative knowledge and policy expertise is produced. The Institute’s mission is to conduct high-level multidisciplinary research that investigates political and social change at the crossroads between East and West.


Post-communist transformation in Poland: institutions and society – Poland in the European Union: politics and policies – Political elites in Poland – Polish foreign policy – Regional cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Political and socio-economic transformation

Global systemic transformations – Knowledge-based economy – Social policy – Opposition in communist Poland – Quality of democracy and social capital – Political community: liberal and republican traditions.

History and memory

Polish-German relations – Polish-Dutch relations – Polish-Jewish relations – Polish-Ukrainian relations – National minorities, II World War and anti-Soviet resistance – History and politics – Discourses and debates in contemporary Polish, Ukrainian and Russian historiographies.

International security

Strategic studies – Global security structures – Euro-Atlantic system and the new world order – East Asia – European Security and Defence Policy.

European integration

Differentiated integration in the European Union – EU Foreign Policy – EU-Turkey relations – – EU Enlargement Policy – European Neighbourhood Policy.