Political Parties Archive

The Political Parties Archive was established in 1993. It constitutes a unique collection of documents and publications produced by Polish political parties that were represented in the parliament as a result of any elections since June 1989. The Archive’s team also monitors activities of political factions, youth organizations and local partisan offices. Since the year 2000 the Archive is part of the UNESCO Archives Portal.

The collection consists of resolutions, statements, party statutes, electoral programmes, bulletins and other types of party congress and press materials, including leaflets, posters and audiovisual content. The Archive also has up-to-date information about authorities and headquarters of political parties under study.

The Archive is open on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please contact the Archive team in advance when planning your visit (by phone: + 48 22 8255221 or e-mail: archpp@isppan.waw.pl).

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