Wojciech Łysek, Ph.D.

Department of Recent Political History

Wojciech Łysek is a political scientist, assistant professor at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He specializes in research on the European Post-Soviet States and Polish Eastern Policy. Lately, he has undertaken research projects on „Richard Pipes Laboratory” as secretary.

Research interests

  • Polish Eastern Policy with particular emphasis on the Promethean idea
  • Juliusz Mieroszewski (1906-1976) and Stanisław Swianiewicz (1899-1997)
  • Polish Sovietological School
  • Belarus’ Geopolitical Position

Selected publications

  • Łysek, The Federal Idea in Poland in the Interwar Period: Idealism or Pragmatism?, “Politeja” 2017, nr 51, p. 95-116;
  • Łysek, Geopolitical Ideas and Energy Security of Central-Eastern Europe, “Ante Portas” 2017, nr 2(9), p. 215-227;
  • Łysek, Richard Pipes: A Life Against the Tide (1923–2018); Richard Pipes. Życie pod prąd (1923-2018), „Studia Polityczne” 2019, t. 47, nr 4, p. 135-149; (DOI: 10.35757/STP.2019.47.4.06)

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