Statutory Research

Project title Project manager Execution period
Units, institutions: subjectivity and context in the system transformation and in the course of social biographies Professor
Bogdan W. Mach
Share of the society in the decision-taking processes of the state Professor Ewa Nalewajko  2015-2017
Electoral geography of Poland 2014-2015 Professor Ewa Nalewajko 2014-2015
Polish institutional, economic and social reality in the second decade of XXI century Associate Professor Marta Danecka 2014-2016
Social economy Joanna Szymoniczek, Ph.D.  
Settlement with the past: institutional changes, memory problems Professor Andrzej Friszke 2015
Political and social aspects of functioning of the security system in the communist system
„Solidarność” and institutions of power – course of the systemic crisis and transformation
Documentation of materials and secondary data of the Archive of Political Parties of the ISP PAN Associate Professor Irena A. Słodkowska Permanent
Various forms of resistance against the soviet system in the territories of the ex-Republic of Poland and their reflection in the discussions in the contemporary Polish and Ukrainian historiography Associate Professor Grzegorz Motyka Permanent
Studies on “force policy” applicable by the USSR towards the states and their citizens in the area between Baltic and Black Sea Professor Grzegorz Nowik 2015-2017
Internal and external conditions of the energetic safety of the Republic of Poland as regards oil and gas sector Professor Antoni Z. Kamiński 2011-2015
Perspectives of the European Union in the multi-polar world. Political, economic, cultural and international aspects Professor Józef M. Fiszer 2012-2016
Euroregions, present state and perspectives Professor Ryszard Żelichowski 2015
Systemic transformation of the states of the Central and Eastern Europe Professor Wojciech Roszkowski 2015
Everyday practices as a form of fight without violence
Communist crimes. Legal and historical aspect.
Role of the foreign office ministers in the shaping of the Polish foreign policy in the years 2004-2014 (W. Cimoszewicz, A. D. Rotfeld, S. Meller, A. Fotyga, R. Sikorski)
Polish-German proximities and conflicts of interest before and after 1989. Professor Piotr Madajczyk Since 2013
Genesis and course of transformation processes in the Central and Eastern Europe and in the post-soviet area with consideration of external determinants Professor Wojciech Roszkowski 2015
Modernity, crisis and new discussions on gender Associate Professor Nina Gładziuk 2015-
East Asia on the political and economic world map in the perspective of the forthcoming decade Professor Waldemar J. Dziak 2014-2015