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    About Us

    Founded in 1990 the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences brings together leading Polish political scientists, historians and sociologists in order to create a unique environment where innovative knowledge and policy expertise is produced. The Institute’s mission is to conduct high-level multidisciplinary research that investigates political and social change at the crossroads between East and West.

    In its early days ISPPAN focused predominantly on both theoretical and empirical study of post-communist societies in a comparative perspective as well as on transformation of the political system. This research agenda was set and promoted by the founder and first director of the Institute – Prof. Edmund Wnuk-Lipinski, a leading Polish sociologist and advisor of the Solidarity trade union.

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    Our Library

    The library collects literature concerning the research problems aspects of the Institute, including, first of all, editions about the political science.

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  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    The Archive

    The Archive collects current documentation covering several dozen Polish political parties which either have, or have had, representatives in parliament, as well as extra-parliamentary political groups.

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    Scientific Cooperation

    The international matters remain the permanent element of studies conducted in the IPS PAS, with the constant domination of the European Union issues and changes in the Central and Eastern Europe in the programs of studies of the Departments of the Institute.

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    Our Staff

    At the beginning of 2016, the Institute had 90 employees, 75 of them academic staff, namely 19 professors, 13 associate professors 30 assistant professors and 13 post-graduate, pre-doctoral assistants.

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